Key Route Office Space

907 Key Route Blvd 21
907 Key Route Blvd in Albany, CA has small commercial psychotherapy or massage spaces that share a bathroom, a waiting room, mini kitchen with tea kettle, and a storage closet. Walls are double-sheetrocked for sound insulation. The offices are about 10 feet by 11 feet and are ADA accessible. They are rented on a monthly basis by a mix of therapists and health practitioners and also by the hour/day through Liquid Space, if you would like to test out the space before committing to a longer term arrangement. There are openings for monthly leasing (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays). The building is conveniently situated on Key Route Blvd at Solano Avenue in Albany, a main commercial thoroughfare. There is a small parking lot at the front of the building. Utilities, wifi and weekly cleaning are included (please do your own dishes). It is a quiet and friendly atmosphere.
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